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Ceruno relinquishes Furry Stand at Anime Friends

The booth has represented furry fandom to the public since 2007
Por Tanuki Gokuhi

Furry Stand in 2009 (photo: Reyres)

Zutharr ST (as know as Ceruno Wolf) is relinquishing his “Furry Stand” contract rights at Anime Friends to the community.

Anime Friends is an annual anime convention held in São Paulo, Brazil during July which attracted 120,000 attendees in 2009

Since 2007, Zutharr has been responsible for the Furry booth at Anime Friends by contract with its organizer, Yamato. Now he has decided to pass the booth along to any parties interested in continuing his work.

In Brazil, furry conventions are not yet common, and furs keep in touch via anime conventions. The Stand serves as a meeting point for the furries in attendance, and — more importantly — as an means to display furry philosophy and lifestyle to the public.


The Furry Stand has been the target of criticism, causing much discussion and dissent among furs who feel it features non-representative works or covers distasteful topics. Some have called it an “misrepresentation of the word ‘furry’.”

Members of Fauna Urbana have been there since the beginning to watch and observe. In 2007, most furs in attendance felt the booth gave a bad impression of furry fandom.

But Tanuki Gokuhi, who interviewed guests visiting the booth (including members of the police) as a member of the Anime Friends press team, said:

“The criticisms are unfounded – the Stand made mistakes as anyone would make, and those who repudiate the Stand just gave importance to what the Anime Friends’ trolls said; it is a battle of egos.”

Zutharr demonstrates his Guilmon fursuit at the 2007 Furry Stand (photo: Tanuki Gokuhi)

In later years, Zutharr lent the room to KoutaOni, who was banned from deviantART in 2008 for selling traced works of XianJaguar and other artists, raising further controversy.


Now that Zutharr has relinquished the contract, it is open to the first person to claim it from Yamato. Fauna Urbana just hopes whoever does so is mindful of the responsibility they owe to the fandom in maintaining this public venue in São Paulo.

Revised by GreenReaper

4 comentários para “Ceruno relinquishes Furry Stand at Anime Friends”

  1. GreenReaper disse:

    It is hard to stand up and say “this is what furry is” – there’s always someone who disagrees. At least Zutharr had the courage to take the first step.

    • Tanuki Gokuhi disse:

      In fact, yes! He was the first one to try a stand on Anime Friends, even if he tried by himself. This is a polemic subject but I was there, and as I said above, this story has many sides and in general, my personal opinion is: A battle of egos, about who wants to be the master, the “alpha” of the fandom.

  2. [...] 2010 o contrato estava com Zutharr, contudo ele abdicou da sala para que outra pessoa pudesse conduzi-la. Uma nova pessoa assumiu a sala, porém passando ela novamente para a KoutaOni, gerando [...]

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