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Brazilian furry website recovers from attack

Por Ekevoo

This Friday, July 17th, the website FurryBrasil went through an attack that deleted all files in their server, including other furry projects in development and other non-furry sites. Not even log files survived to tell the tale. FurryBrasil has suffered loss of data before, but never under malicious attacks.

There was another victim yesterday (16th) morning, around 3am (Brasília time). Brazilian furry portal Fauna Urbana suffered a minor denial of service attack, that knocked the main site (and other shared furry and non-furry projects) for a few minutes. No invasions or data lost in this case.

Not long ago, Furry News Network alerts there’s a hacker group that uses the furry fandom as a bait. We’re going through times in which the most powerful nations and corporations are clashing in the online space, and the Internet is definitely far less secure than it has been.

At Fauna Urbana Network we’re enhancing our plans for data security, backup and disaster recovery. We also advise that one never uses a password that may be in a dictionary, plus avoid password re-usage.

FurryBrasil is already recovered, but unfortunately lost 1 month of data.

8 comentários para “Brazilian furry website recovers from attack”

  1. Sckhar disse:

    Why Reposting it in english here? Would be better to just make a extended post at the first one with the translation.. Anyway, thanks to Fauna Urbana big servers (Word Press ftw) that managed to stand against the attack, unfortunatelly didn’t work for FurryBrasil.

    • Tanuki Gokuhi disse:

      We repost usually to help external consumers (FNN, Flayrah) to read without using a dummy Google Translator.

      By the way, we can work hard to ensure that your data is safe, but on the internet, even CIA did not survived an attack similar to what happened to Fauna, obviously, the attack against us was waaaay toooo small compared to what shutdown CIA’s website.

  2. Firespike disse:

    Why not simply make an english area on FU, like in most websites? FU can be intrenationnal ’cause the information is a little “from all over the world” no? :3

  3. Eyddunn disse:

    Guys, calm down a little bit =P
    Don’t forget that Fauna Urbana will receive a new layout (2.0)

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